RTE 1 The Today Show Nickeze Collection

Collection: RTE 1 The Today Show Nickeze Collection

Nickeze as featured on the Today Show RTE with Daithi and Maura.

  • Nickeze Pro Racer & Lily Period Swimsuits worn by Vivian. Wonderful for swimming on your period, they are designed for moderate flow as unlike period underwear, if we put too many extra layers in, they would absorb water and become heavy. These is a lot of science that goes in behind the scenes to make the perfect functional period swimsuit to manage your period, while you swim. 
  • Nickeze Harry and Nickeze Brigette worn by Elvira, The Harry is Super Absorbent Period Underwear for Teens. They are for all day at school or for sports and absorb up to 8 regular tampons worth of period flow.
  • The Black Brigette is excellent for heavy and hard to manage periods in women, they are super absorbent and ideal for after having a baby and for peri-menopausal heavy bleeding.
  • Nickeze Period Sports Shorts are worn by Jordan, they have a protective panel attached inside the shorts and is not visible from the outside, they look like regular shorts so are super discreet. Super comfortable and light weight.
  • Nickeze Heavy Absorbency Period Boxers worn by Jordan, these are wonderful for night time sleeping for teens. They are designed on the bigger side so as to allow for unrestricted movement while your teens sleeps. If between sizes, move down one size. They are great for under school uniforms also.
  • Nickeze Tankini as mentioned on the Today Show, consists of a Tankini Top and Period Bikini Bottom, wonderful for swimming, holidays and sunbathing, the tankini can be mixed and matched with your normal bikini bottoms. 
  • All these styles and others can be seen on the Nickeze website under period underwear or period swimwear, and there are lots more period pants and period sportswear to choose from, and more styles being added all the time. Nickeze tends to break the mold when it comes to innovative designs to keep women and girls in sport and getting on with their lives while Nickeze manages your period.



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7 products

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