5 Pair Bladder Leak Underwear Set (S-3XL)


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1:3 women suffer from bladder leaks, so you are not alone. Bladder Leak underwear are both absorbent and leak-proof. They are designed for light-moderate bladder leaks. Nickeze Bladder Leak Protective Underwear protects you from that laugh, cough or sneeze becoming a source of embarrassment. Our bladder leak underwear & period underwear are reusable, just pop in the washing machine and use again.  We have wide range of Period Pants available.

5 Pair Bladder Leak Underwear Gift Set Contains:

  • Nickeze Madison x 1
  • Nickeze Saoirse x 1
  • Nickeze Shannon Seamless x 1
  • Nickeze Sophie Seamless x 1
  • Nickeze Primrose x 1
  • Gift Box
  • 4:1 Pen (Hand-Sanitiser/Smart Phone holder/Touch Screen Pad/Felt Tip Pen

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