Nickeze Bladder Leak Underwear Bundle S-XL

Bladder Leak Underwear | Period Underwear | Period Swimwear 

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Product Detail
Nickeze Bladder Leak Underwear Bundle consists of:
  • Nickeze Fiadh High Waist cotton period underwear,
  • Nickeze Brooks Bamboo Skin-coloured Briefs and
  • Nickeze Primrose Soft Spandex mix Mid-Rise period underwear with the organic cotton protective panel.
  • Nickeze Bladder Leak underwear are designed for light bladder leaks without the need for a panty liner. So you can laugh, cough, sneeze, dance and walk in peace without the fear of embarrassing leaks.
  • Nickeze period underwear and bladder leak underwear are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective and also cut down on waste from disposable bladder leak products.


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