How to use Period Underwear by Nickeze

How to use Period Underwear by Nickeze

I get asked a lot how to use period underwear. It may seem obvious but like anything there is a right way and a wrong way. The best time to start is on your moderate flow day. That way your period isn't that heavy and you can see what is working for you. People ask if you feel the blood, it doesn't feel any different than wearing a sanitary pad.

How long do you wear them for? Ok, so like all sanitary products, period underwear is no different, everything has a saturation point. How quickly you reach that point depends on your unique flow and no two people will be the same. For us Nickeze 4 Tampon style are for your moderate days. I like to use them too for my heavy days but I do have to change them after 4/5 hours. The Super absorbent Nickeze Period Underwear styles for example, are for your heavy days, like your day 1 and 2 and again because your period is so heavy those days, you'll need to see how long you get before needing to change. I get 6 hours on a very heavy day and that is good going. How you know that you are reaching saturation point is by looking at the seams on the inside of your legs, if the blood is reaching that point, then it is time to change them. 

Why should you try Nickeze Period Underwear?

  • They are super comfortable
  • They are very kind to the environment
  • They save you money
  • Menstrual blood flows away from the body as nature intended, and people report less period cramping
  • Thee is no bleach or chemicals next to the body
  • For every one less pad you wear, you are already making a big change, so wear them coming up to your period and your light days if you don't feel you can move from your tampons or sanitary pads just yet, and that is fine, Nickeze is all about women and choice, there is no right or wrong, it is what works for you that is the most important thing.

Love Ellie from Nickeze

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