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First Period Box

Nickeze First Period Box containing:

  • Nickeze Period Bikini Bottoms (black) to mix and match with your Bikini Tops x 2
  • Nickeze Super Absorbent Period Underwear x 2
  • Nickeze Moderate Absorptiob Period Underwear x 1

Nickeze Period Bikini Bottoms can be worn with/without another period product. They are Absorbent & Leak Proof in and out of the water. For moderate flow when wearing without another period product and can be worn with a tampon on heavy flow days.

Nickeze Super Absorbent Period Underwear are for heavy flow and wonderful for night time sleeping without worrying about leaks and stained sheets.



  • Excellent

    I had a query on items, emailed Ellie and she was so helpful and friendly and her advice on sizing and item was spot on. Delivery arrived in 2 days. Super happy and would highly reccommend.

    Connie 10
  • I had a great experience

    I had a great experience, I got in touch with Nickeze and the lady there was so incredible helpful. She was so knowledgeable and knew everyone of her products in depth. She was such a huge help in helping with my purchase. The product was delivered very promptly.

    Emer K
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