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Nickeze was founded by Nurse and mum to two girls. Ellie is completely hands on and her vision is to design high quality period underwear, period sportswear, Period Swimwear and bladder leak underwear, so that girls and women are free to enjoy their lives and sport without the worry of period and bladder leaks.

She also does this in an environmentally friendly way, such as the reusable nature of the period pants, swimwear and sports shorts. Each Nickeze item is delivered through the worldwide postal service, which is going to every city, town and village throughout the globe without any extra carbon footprint.

Nickeze is here to chat and help with any period or bladder leak woe 24/7. Nothing is too much for us and we also have the expertise to help, as Nickeze is Nurse led.

We have a particular interest in helping children, teens and women with intellectual and physical disabilities, in dealing with any difficulties with their periods.