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Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL

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Period Kit | Period underwear | Period Kits for School/Work

How many times have we got caught out without a period pad/a tampon while out and about, at school or about to play sport?

Having a period kit in your school bag/handbag/sports bag, provides you/your child, with the necessary tools to manage periods with convenience, discretion, and confidence. It's a practical and proactive step towards taking care of your well-being during your school/workdays/sports days . Contents may vary slightly depending on sizes, we usually add black period underwear for the older age groups.

Contents of the Cara Period Kit Mini Bag:

  • Black Nickeze Cara Period Kit Bag x 1
  • Moderate Absorbent Period Underwear ( Absorbent & Leakproof) x 1 to get changed into if needed
  • Selection of pads with different absorbencies x 3
  • Tampons in different absorbencies x 3
  • Eco-Friendly, compostable bags X 2 for disposal of tampons/pads or for blood stained underwear
  • Compressed reusable Sponge for cleaning up if needed, just add water/soap
  • Compressed Towels x 2, soak in water to expand
  • Velvet mini purse with 2 hair ties
  • Hand sanitiser sachets x 2
  •  Stress Ball
  • Affirmation Card to help you feel empowered and positive 
  • Extra room to carry pain relief if you require it.
  • Fast shipping of all our Nickeze period underwear and period swimwear within Ireland.

Kits may vary slightly depending on sizes.

Why should I carry a Period Kit?

  1. Emergency Preparedness: Period cycles can be unpredictable especially around the first few years of first periods and in peri menopause, for example. Having a period kit ensures that you or your child are prepared for unexpected periods, avoiding any inconvenience, embarrassment or discomfort.
  2. Personal Comfort: Your Nickeze Period kits includes a make-up like bag, that looks so discreet, that no one will know it is a period kit, and contains all the items you will need for you or your teen’s period, with Absorbent & Leakproof period underwear x 1, selection of pads in various absorbencies and tampons.  Having access to all these products ensures that you can manage your period flow in a way that suits your preferences.
  3. Lots of other Items for out and about: Eco-Friendly disposable bags for soiled pads/tampons/clothing, Mini Hand Sanitiser, Compressed Towels for face and hands, Face/Hand Mini Expandable Sponge to freshen up, Affirmation Card, Affirmation Pen or an Affirmation Stress Ball, Hair Ties in Pretty velvet mini bag and enough room to include pain relief of your choice.
  4. Promotes Confidence: Knowing that you or your child have a period kit readily available can boost confidence. You can focus on your studies or activities without worrying about unexpected period issues.
  5. Helps Others: Having a period kit may not only benefit you but also others who might find themselves in a similar situation without access to menstrual products. Being able to share or help a friend in need promotes a supportive and understanding community.
  6. Avoids Embarrassment: Having a period kit on hand prevents potential embarrassment that could arise if you or your child unexpectedly start a period without the necessary period supplies. It allows you to discreetly manage your period needs.
  7. Convenience: Having a period kit with menstrual products, pain relievers, and other essentials in your school bag/handbag/sports bag, ensures that you don't have to search for or borrow period items in a hurry. This convenience can be especially important during busy school/work days.
  8. Prevents Disruption: Menstruation kits help prevent disruptions to your daily routine. You won't have to leave class or miss out on activities due to an unexpected period.
  9. Hygiene: Maintaining good hygiene during your menstrual cycle is essential. A period kit allows you/your teen, to change period products regularly, promoting cleanliness and reducing the risk of discomfort or infection.

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Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL
Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL
Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL
Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL
Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL
Period Kit for School Bags/Handbags/Sports Bags XS-2XL