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Mini Cara Period Sports Kit XS-2XL

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The Nickeze Period Sports Kit is invaluable, containing all the items you need, so that you are prepared should your period come unexpectedly. It is so easy to be caught out without period supplies, but the Nickeze Sports Period Kit is a ready to go kit with all the emergency supplies that you will need.

What is great about the Nickeze Sports Period Kit is that it also contain Period Sports Shorts with built in absorbent & leakproof period underwear, so even if your own shorts and underwear are blood stained, you have a discreet pair of period sports shorts to change in to and continue with your sport.
What it includes:
  • Nickeze Period Mini Bag that is super discreet and fits inside your sports bag and contains the following:
  • Period Sports Underwear
  • Sanitary pads x 3
  • Tampons x 3
  • Hand Sanitiser x 2
  • Compressed Reusable Sponge in case you need to clean up, just add water/soap x 1
  • Compressed Mini Towels x 2
  • Eco-Friendly Compostable Bags x 2 for disposal of tampons/pads or for blood stained underwear
  • Fast shipping of all Nickeze period underwear and period swimwear within Ireland.

Why You should Always Carry a Nickeze Period Sports Kit?
  1. Emergency Supplies:

Having a Nickeze Period Sports Kit ensures that you are always prepared for unexpected periods during physical activities. It includes all the necessary supplies like period sports shorts with built in period underwear, a selection of sanitary pads in different absorbencies and tampons, so you have a choice depending on the sport you are doing and how you are feeling.

  1. Comfort and Confidence:

Wearing the right period products can provide comfort and confidence, allowing you to focus on your sport without worrying about leaks or discomfort.

  1. Hygiene:

Maintaining good hygiene is crucial during your period. Your Nickeze Period Sports Kit also includes items like an expandable sponge so you can clean up, if necessary, expandable towels, hand sanitiser and eco-friendly compostable bags for disposal of tampons or pads or for blood stained underwear.

  1. Convenience:

It's convenient to have a designated period kit with all the necessary items, making it easy to grab and go when you're heading to practice, a game, or the gym.

  1. Support for Teammates:

Sometimes, having your Nickeze Period Sports Kit in your bag might also help a teammate or friend who unexpectedly needs supplies. It promotes a supportive and understanding environment.


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Mini Cara Period Sports Kit XS-2XL
Mini Cara Period Sports Kit XS-2XL
Mini Cara Period Sports Kit XS-2XL
Mini Cara Period Sports Kit XS-2XL
Mini Cara Period Sports Kit XS-2XL