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Nickeze Riley Bikini Bottoms

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Period Swimsuit | Period Swimwear | Period Underwear

Wide Range Of Period Pants Available 

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Period Swimwear and Period Bikinis are a total game changer for swimming on your period. No need for you, or your teen to miss days from the pool while on holiday, or miss swimming lessons and competitions. It is vitally important to keep females in sport, and periods can be a time when we lose girls & women to sport. Period swimwear will absorb and lock in period flow while swimming. Ensure to match absorbency with your period flow when it comes to any period product.

  • Nickeze Riley Period Bikini Bottoms are both absorbent & Leak proof both in and out of the water.
  • Tie side design, so that they are easy to adjust and mix and match with your bikini tops. 
  • For moderate flow when worn on their own without any other period product.
  • Can be worn on very heavy days with a tampon.
  • Fit true to size and easily adjusted at the side.
  • Full Period Tankini also available in Period Swimwear section.
  • One Period Bikini Bottoms can save hundreds of single use plastic disposables from going into landfill.

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    Nickeze Riley Bikini Bottoms
    Nickeze Riley Bikini Bottoms
    Nickeze Riley Bikini Bottoms
    Nickeze Riley Bikini Bottoms