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Deluxe First Period Box

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Nickeze Period Underwear | Period Swimwear |Period Sports Shorts

Wide Range Of Period Pants Available from Nickeze

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Nickeze First Period Box is designed in Ireland, to have your child ready for her first period.

It contains period swimwear to keep your child active during her period and to feel comfortable swimming and sunbathing. It contains period pants in super absorbency which are amazing for all day at school or for night time to prevent leaks while they sleep. The Nickeze First Period Box also contains moderate and light absorbency period pants for the lighter period days. 

Our First Period Box contains :

  • 1 Period Swimsuit- Pro Racer Style
  • 1 Super Absorbent Pair of Period pants
  • 1 pair of Nickeze Moderate Absorbency Period Underwear
  • 1 Pair of Nickeze Pinks period knickers for Moderate/Light Days
  • Luxury Magnetic Keep Sake Box
  • 2 Free Gifts
  • Fast shipping of all Nickeze period underwear and swimwear within Ireland.

Nickeze Period Underwear contain special technology. They can be worn without any other sanitary product. Our Period Pants are both absorbent and leak-proof, protecting you from period leaks that can cause distress. They are reusable, just rinse, wash and go, making them kind to the environment. The protective panel inside our period pants is black so there is no staining.

  • Fast shipping of all our period underwear and swimwear within Ireland.

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    first period box
    Deluxe First Period Box
    Deluxe First Period Box
    Deluxe First Period Box
    super absorbent period underwear
    Deluxe First Period Box
    Deluxe First Period Box