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Nickeze Emily Cotton Period Underwear S-XL

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Period Underwear | Period Swimwear | Bladder Leak Underwear 

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Product Details

  • Nickeze Emily Period Underwear are part of Nickeze Post-Partum bleeding leak proof and absorbent period underwear that can take up to 6 tampons worth of blood without the need for any other sanitary product. 
  • Emily Period Underwear are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and have mesh at the side for breathability. The extra 5th layer has been added for increased absorbency.
  • The protective panel comes up to the waist band at the back and 3/4 up to the waist band at the front to protect you from leaks whether you are sleeping, breast-feeding, sitting or standing.
  • The extra soft protective panel of this period underwear is soft against episiotomy area and the waist band is high above the C-Section wound area.
  • Please note that these may not be as high-waisted on taller ladies as depicted in the image.

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