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Nickeze Tween Period Underwear Bundle are suitable for your 9-11 year old child. Nickeze Period Underwear can handle up to 4-8 tampons worth of liquid depending on the absorbency style, without the need for pads or tampons. They are discreet and are both absorbent and leak-proof.

The inside protective panel is black, so there is no staining. The sizing is based on an average 9-11 year old.

The Tween Period Underwear bundle contains:

  • 1 x Nickeze Ella Super Absorbency Period Underwear for Heavy Days
  • 1 X Nickeze Baby Blue Period Underwear for Heavy/Moderate Days
  • 1 x Nickeze First Periods Underwear (for moderate/light days)
  • And a little surprise

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