3 Things to Consider When Choosing Period Underwear

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Period Underwear

What Are Period Underwear?

Period Underwear are the best kept secret of your underwear drawer. They are for periods and can be worn with or without any other period product. They are both absorbent and leak proof and protect you from leaks. And did you know that they are environmentally friendly and be reused over and over again? They can also be used for light bladder leaks.

Periods can be stressful, especially if it is unpredictable, heavy or irregular. Multiply this times ten, if you are a young teen in school or playing your sport.

But there are solutions, period underwear are excellent for grabbing any leaks and for wearing on the days coming up to your period, so that there are no unexpected surprises!

They are an extra layer of comfort and safety while playing sport and don't just absorb period leaks, but also sweat, which adds to the comfort.

So what do I need to keep in mind when choosing period pants?

Period Underwear Absorbency

The first thing is absorbency. Buying period underwear off the shelf, is never a good idea. Everyone's period is different and the period underwear needs to suit your flow. Many off the shelf period underwear are much the same absorbency, and is at most, light, even if stated differently. That has been my experience to date. The trouble with this is, someone with a heavy period, will use them and they will bleed through them, and assume period underwear doesn't work. All that has happened here is that the absorbency wasn't right. We here at Nickeze, spend hours every day fitting girls and women with the right absorbency. We couldn't just sell period underwear and have leaks happen to our girls and women. The consequences of not matching absorbency to the period flow, is that someone leaks through their underwear, and causing them embarrassment or inconvenience. We always adopt the attitude that, this could be my sister or child wearing Nickeze, what would we want for them.

Getting the absorbency right is key.

Care Instructions: How to care for your Period Underwear

If you are wearing your period underwear with a tampon or pad as an extra layer of protection against leaks, then you just pop your Nickeze into a cool 30 degree wash, don't tumble dry or use fabric softener as it affects the absorbency. Let them air dry and you are ready to wear them again. If you are wearing your period underwear without any other period product, then just rinse them under cold water until they run clear and then just pop into the washing machine as above.

You probably do need a few pairs to get you through your period. If I was picking one type, I would go with heavy or super absorbency, these, you can wear any day of your cycle.


How Often Do I Change My Period Pants?

This depends. If you have the super absorbent styles, then you can get much longer periods without having to change them. In fact, many teens can wear them all day at school and not have to change them until them come home, if they are wearing them without any other period product.

On your moderate or light days, you can wear them all day without needing to change them. You will get the hang of them very quickly and you will know what works for you. A rule of thumb is that when you see the blood reaching the inside seam of the legs at the groin area, you know that your period underwear are reaching their maximum absorption point and it is time to change them.


We are always here to chat, ring us or use the chat function on our website to chat live to us and we will help you pick the right absorbency for you or your daughter.

Team Nickeze!




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