What are Nickeze Period Pants/Underwear?

What are Nickeze Period Pants/Underwear?

What are Nickeze Period Underwear/Pants?

Nickeze Period pants, also known as menstrual underwear, are a type of underwear designed to be worn during menstruation/your period. They are made with layers of absorbent and leak-proof materials, such as bamboo or cotton, that can be worn with or without other period products and can also replace traditional menstrual products such as pads/ tampons/menstrual cups.

How do Nickeze Underwear work?

Nickeze period pants/underwear come in different styles, including briefs, hipsters, and high-waisted options, and can offer different levels of absorbency depending on your own individual menstrual flow. Nickeze Period Pants are reusable period and can be washed in 30 degree wash and worn again. Because of this, they can be a more sustainable and cost-effective option compared to disposable menstrual products as there is no waste going into the environment.

What is Great About Them?

Nickeze period pants are a convenient and comfortable alternative to traditional menstrual products especially for young teens who may find using pads tricky and are yet too young to wear a tampon. 

How do I wear Them?

Some things to note with period underwear, girls and women with very heavy menstrual flow may need to change their period pants more frequently, and some may prefer to use a combination of period pants and other menstrual products for added protection, to prevent period leaks. They are wonderful for sport while on your period and we have a range of Nickeze period swimwear and period bikini bottoms to mix and match with your bikini tops too, so that you can swim comfortably while on your period. 

Where can I find Nickeze Underwear/Pants?

You can see our full range of all things period on our website at nickeze.com or reach out to us for help through our live chat function on our website and we can help you with choosing the right period underwear for you.

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