Being Inclusive

Being Inclusive

Hi All,

Since we launched in March 2021, I have always being determined that we would bring everyone with us, and that no person will get left behind. Traditional period products such as pads and tampons are not for everyone nor are they inclusive of everyone. 

Let us walk in someone else's shoes for a moment, can you imagine identifying as a male and having to insert a tampon every month, how invasive must that be? Or putting on a pad, a feminine hygiene product? What about our transgender community? 

That is why we launched Nickeze Jamie Boxer Shorts, which are gender neutral. They are soft cotton, and seamless. They are able to handle heavy bleeding and can be worn without any pads or tampons. They are suitable for everyone and I particularly like them for sleeping in as they are super comfortable and you can move around with no leaks.

The conversations about periods are very narrow, and naturally we see it as a women's issue, and we often don't see beyond that. The initiatives of free period products are great, and many of the Universities have moved in that direction. But what about those that can't manage a tampon because of a physical disability or can't manage to change a pad independently?

Breaking down barriers and biases is a big part of the ethos of Nickeze. We want to bring inclusiveness to the conversation on periods. Bring more options, outside of traditional products. We design quality period underwear, there is too much fast fashion out there, and period underwear is no different. Period underwear cannot be a one size fits all. What about different body types, sizes, absorbencies, it's a bit pointless wearing period underwear that is the wrong absorbency for you or your child. 

Here at Nickeze, we do not mass produce our underwear, our designs are carefully chosen and worn by our teen/adult testers, real people like you and I, and modifications made from the feedback. We want our designs to do what they say they will, and we are always available to advice our community. 

We are here to make periods better for everyone and Nickeze are for everyone!

Love Ellie xx


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