The Journey from Nixx to Nickeze

The Journey from Nixx to Nickeze

The Journey from Nixx to Nickeze, same caring Irish Company as it always name but values and ethos remains unchanged. 


"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in to heaven sideways, with your high heels on, in a cloud of smoke, totally used up, totally worn out, bottle of champagne in your hand and declaring loudly... Woohoo, I'm here!.'

That is what life feels like right now but don't worry I am switching off from time to time too. We really believe in what we are doing and what we have begun. We really care about other people and am absolutely dedicated to solving period and bladder leaks.

Why do we think we can do it better?

Why do we think we can do this better? I could say it is because I have a Nursing background, that I scientifically understand the anatomy and physiology of periods and bladder leak issues. I could say it is the Barrister that wants to give a voice to the many children, teens, women and people that menstruate that are poorly represented in the research on periods, children and women with Down Syndrome and Autism for example.

A voice to bladder leaks as I know them intimately.  I know how they make you want to give up sport, I know the constant checking and never feeling like you have emptied your bladder. Yes, none of these issues will kill you, none are fatal or carry a poor prognosis, but they affect our quality of life. Our inner dignity, where we protect ourselves from embarrassment. Many say to me that we should not be ashamed of leaks, yes, I totally agree, but that just isn't reality is it? None of us want a dirty nose, or dribble on our t-shirts, or blood or urine leaking through our clothes. 

But it isn't any of these that make me feel like we can do this better. I was always sensitive to my patients that came through the door of the hospital. That part where your patient left their dignity at the entrance of the hospital, the one that had to use a bedpan or commode in a crowded ward. Imagine your dignity then? The patient that needed a bath bath because they couldn't wash themselves but you wanted them to feel clean, fresh and just that can make you feel better when you are sick. None of these are high tech procedures.

Yes, I did all the high tech in my 5 years in Intensive Care, but although all that is vital to survival of your patient, it was the nursing care and the protection of the patient's dignity when I washed them, changed their nightdress or pajamas, brushed their hair or changed their incontinence pads that mattered the most and when they were the most vulnerable. That is what nursing care is and being a voice for the patient when they don't have one like with a stroke, intubated, or very ill.

And there are thousands of nurses doing that right now for their patients across the world. They don't want praise, that is not what it is about. If you wanted praise, you wouldn't enter the profession. It is about wanting to care for another human being, to hold them, to be there when they get bad news, to be there to celebrate when they are told they can go home, to keep their loved ones informed, to help them to die with dignity when that time comes, to cry with the family because you feel their pain, it is just being human at its most raw.

Any of these patients could also be your mum, dad, sister, brother, child or friend and that is how I feel every time someone comes to us for help or puts in an order. It is never just an order. 

That is what this is about, it is about you, our fellow human being, you aren't a customer to us, you are someone that we want to help. You are someone that we want to help take that worry of period leaks away from you about your child, your bladder leaks that are affecting your confidence or have given up sport because of them, our fellow human being that is feeling uneasy about disposable sanitary products that want to try something different. 

Yes, there is momentary gain, but like most nurses, we certainly aren't motivated by money, wrong profession if you are. 

So that brings me to our change of name, the journey from Nixx to Nickeze. The one thing that everyone said that bought Nixxworld period and bladder leak underwear was,  the peace of mind when you wear them, the fear being relieved, children going to school content, the ease of mind, ease from worries, and we wanted to reflect that. We are also on the phone regularly finding solutions for periods that are hard to manage.

Nickeze is, and always will be, about you, you will never be a customer to us, and Nickeze will promise to remain true to its values and ethos:

  • It’s a mum that wants to raise her girls to be empowered and not ashamed
  • It’s a nurse that cares that you or your child who is worried about leaks
  • It’s an athlete that wants you to be able to exercise without worrying about bladder leaks
  • It’s a lawyer that wants to be a voice for those that don’t have one
  • It’s a company that wants to bring you on a journey of sustainable periods and bladder leaks.
  • It is Nickeze, ease of mind, ease from worries and it cares about you.

Love Ellie xx


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