First Period Box by Nickeze

First Period Box by Nickeze

The Nickeze First Period Box

The Nickeze First Period Box is probably our favourite product that we stock. It was inspired by the research that shows that how our first period is handled, influences how we perceive our periods going forward. So getting it right, is vitally important. 

Being prepared for that big day, and it is a big day, or night as it often is! How is it that our periods come at the most inconvenient time? As a wise old lady once said to me, it is not that it comes at the most awkward time, it is just that our lives are so busy, that there is never actually a good time for it to come! So true, isn't it.

Getting your First Period

But walking in the shoes of your young child, often as young as 8 years old and getting your first period, when very often you aren't ready for it ,or you are away from home as often happens, can be very traumatising and leave very negative feelings about your period that marks how you feel about it. All this blood coming from you, and soaking into your clothes, can you imagine the shock of that......and then that happening at school? Or at the Gaeltacht? Or on a sleepover? At Bay Sports?

We never want our children to be in that situation, but it happens, it happens a lot. I am at the cold face of periods and delighted to be there. However, we have many 'mercy runs', is what I like to call them. That is where we get period underwear, swimwear or sports shorts to mums in a hurry, often the day of the first period. I know what it is like to be a mum, I have girls and I know the guilt of not being ready and maybe not having my child as prepared as I should! And it is ok, we can't be on top of everything and often I think we are almost in denial around the arrival of a first period, our child is only a child, right? But periods are coming younger and younger, so please be prepared if you can, and tell your child to go to their teacher if it happens unexpectedly at school. 

So what do we do about the First Period?

Ok, so what do we do about periods? We do know that they are going to come, please God, as they are a sign of good health and the start of the reproductive years. However, believe me, reproduction will be the last thing they want to hear about when they get their periods, so don't go there!:)

But they will want to know about what can be done to help. They will be afraid of period pain, and talk to them about the many things that can be done about that, see our blog on managing period pain.

Let them try different period products and teach them how to put them on properly. It seems obvious to us, but not to a child, the amount that put the sticky side of a pad to their vulva, you would be surprised and it isn't a pleasant introduction to period pads! Let them start to wear their period pants before they get their period.

Nickeze First Period Box

Bringing us to the Nickeze First Period Box. It contains 5 pairs of Nickeze. Two for very heavy flow period days, two for moderate-heavy flow periods and one for light to moderate flow periods. They are life changing. Do you know any child that is delighted with one day they are wearing their normal underwear and the next day they have to put a big sanitary pad on? Well I don't either. I didn't like it and life hasn't changes that much. I hated how period pads crunched up in my underwear when I played sport, and you know what is going to happen when it scrunches up? Yes! you leak into your clothes. And this can be so embarrassing for a young child and teen. 

The Nickeze First Period Box allows you to be prepared. It is something you can have on the shelf, ready to go. They can start to wear their Nickeze before their period starts so that if it happens at school, there are no surprises or leaks and their period gets off to a positive start. Its there to catch any leaks and lock them in. They can wear them with or without a pad or tampon. That's all we want for our kids. Life is tough enough but this is something we can control!

They actually love the Rose Gold First Period Box, sitting up on their shelf and they go from being afraid and nervous about their period to looking forward to it, just you wait and see. The Nickeze First Period Box is big enough for you to customise and for you to add your own little personalised items to it.

It often helps to get the conversation going too especially for a child that finds it difficult to discuss periods. Who wanted to talk about it themselves when they were that age?

So, it is here, ready for your teen if you need it and we are happy to switch styles for you, a quick email to us and it is done.



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