Nickeze Period Swimwear-How to Care for my Period Swimwear

Nickeze Period Swimwear-How to Care for my Period Swimwear

Nickeze Period Swimwear -How to care for my Period Underwear

Nickeze Period Swimwear are revolutionising being able to participate in water activities while on our periods. It makes me sad when I hear from mums, that their daughters won't get into the water on holidays while they have their periods, while their sons have no such issue. 

Why should our girls be held back in such ways?

What is it about our periods that make us not want to swim or sunbathe, or participate in water sports on that time of the month? Doesn't that mean losing on average 5 days of activity or what you enjoy, or losing 5 days out of your 7 day holiday, which you have looked forward to.

The main reason is around fear of period leaks, especially if you are a young teen, going to camp or to language college. Or learning a water sport. 

I know, we shouldn't feel such shame or embarrassment, I agree totally. But try telling this to a young impressionable teen. Let's face it, most of us wouldn't like for anyone to see blood running down our legs either. Isn't it incredible that blood from any other part of our body would not illicit one bit of embarrassment, but period blood can illicit such a reaction. 

I really thought that periods and any associated embarrassment or shame would be well gone, I thought it was confined to my generation and those that went before me. But I see exactly the same worries and embarrassment and fears that I had myself, that my friends had. Is it a human thing? I know we don't like pieces of food in our teeth, or a bogey in our nose, maybe it's the same? 

Or is that the very part of us that allow us to bring new life into the world, that monthly reminder of good health, is somehow a source of shame. 

I give talks on periods as part of our health promotion initiatives and it is enjoyable to back up why we do what we do, based on the best available science, and I constantly remind teens and parents, that periods are a sign of good health, think about it, our periods stop if we fall below a certain body weight, distance running athletes for instance can stop having periods if their body falls below a certain weight or with anorexia, or indeed many autoimmune conditions or endocrine issues. The point is, to have a period is a healthy thing, so why the embarrassment, but yet there it is.

Period Swimwear are helping solve this issue. They can be worn with or without any other period product. Yes, isn't that a game changer, why didn't we have these when we were younger! 

So, this is how I advise them to be worn.

On your moderate and light days which are usually at least 3 days of your period, you should be able to wear your period underwear without any other period product. On your heavy or super heavy period days, you can wear them with a tampon or wear them for a shorter time on those days. And yes, they are designed for water activities, so don't be worrying in the water, let them do their job. 

We have period swimsuits and period bikini bottoms. The idea behind the bikini bottoms is that you can mix and match them with your bikini tops so you can have different bikini look on your holidays and match them with your favourite bikini tops. If you are like me, I can't just buy high street bikini tops, which is a pian, as they don't fit well, so having my bikini tops to mix and match works well and saves money too.

The Nickeze Lahari are designed to be lightweight and can be used in swimming competitions too. 

The Nickeze Keani and Nickeze Akua are more controlled fabric holding you in and are very flattering.

And we are introducing more options in the bikinis, like Teal Blue and also seamless styles.

So how do I wash my Period Swimwear?

  • Soak your Nickeze Period Swimwear in cold water or rinse under running cold water until the water runs clear.
  • Handwash or use a washing machine.
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach.
  • Let them air dry.


Some Final Thoughts

But most of all, lets' start to change things for our daughters, lets make periods positive. Lets not let them hold our girls back. Lets get them into the water if that is what they want. Please reach out to me if you ever need help or advise. That is what we are here for. We have a chat function on our website, where you can have a live chat with us or email us at

Talk Later,

Ellie xx




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