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How to Swim on Your Period?

Did you know that swimming during your period can ease period cramps? It is also a gentle and fun way to exercise while you are on your period. But, can you swim on your period? If yes, then how? Keep reading to know all about Period Swimwear.

Period swimwear: What is it?


Period Swimwear and Period Bikini Bottom look just like regular swimwear and have special layers to absorb menstrual blood. Period Swimwear can be worn with or without other sanitary products. 

Period Swimwear are excellent for moderate to low flow days or for wearing with a tampon or menstrual cup on your very heavy days. Period Bikini Bottoms are designed especially for swimming during periods. 

Period Swimwear has started to gain more popularity among teens and people who are regular swimmers, professional athletes as well as sea swim lovers. Period Bikini Bottoms help you to swim without the worry of any leakage while swimming.

If you are looking for Period Swimwear that is 100% Irish, check out Nickeze Period Swimwear. Nickeze is an Irish Company founded by Ellie, who is a qualified General Nurse and having postgraduates in Paediatrics and Intensive Care and a Master of Science from a leading University. She is also a qualified Barrister and combines these skills not only to tackle period and bladder leaks from a scientific and caring  perspective, but to bring a voice to female health issues across the globe. But most importantly, she is a mother to two girls, and an competitive athlete herself.

So, you can now swim on your period days without the worry of leakage with Nickeze Period Swimwear Or Period Bikini Bottoms.

How period swimwear works?

Period Swimwear are both absorbent and leak proof and are able to absorb your period blood while you are in water. The protective panel in the period swimwear also protects you when you come out of the water. The absorbent leakproof layer is water resistant and keeps the blood inside. 

How absorbent are Period Swimwear? Do you have to use any other sanitary products with period underwear?


Nickeze Period Bikini BottomsOn your moderate or light flow days, you can wear Nickeze Period Bikini Bottoms WITHOUT the need of any sanitary product, giving you the freedom to enjoy the sun and swim in comfort. On your heavy flow day, you can wear our Bikini Bottom with a tampon or menstrual cup.

We also have Nickeze Period Swimwear available to Pre Order. They are also perfect for moderate to light flow days, providing complete protection without the need of any tampon or menstrual cup and can be worn on your heavy days with a tampon or menstrual cup protecting you from period leaks. Our Period Swimwear comes with adjustable straps and removable breast cups for added comfort. 

Will people know I’m wearing period swimwear?


Nickeze Period Bikini Bottoms are designed to mix and match with your bikini tops. They look just like your normal bikini and can be worn as everyday bikini bottoms, even when you don't have your period. So, no need to avoid swimming or sunbathing while you have your period.  Nickeze Period Swimwear comes in a beautiful, classic, black elegant design.

How long can you wear Period Swimwear?


This will depend on your period flow. On a light/moderate flow day, period swimwear will last longer. In fact, on light flow/moderate flow days, period bikini bottoms can be worn just on their own. On your heavy flow days, period swimwear can be worn with a tampon or menstrual cup for complete protection. 

Is Period Swimwear Reusbale?


Our Nickeze Period Bikini Bottoms & Period Swimwear are 100% Reusable and can be washed like your normal underwear. Simply rinse your period swimwear or bikini bottom in cold water after using it. It is better to air dry and preferably without using any fabric softener as it may interfere with the ability of the period swimwear to absorb menstrual blood. However, our period swimwear and bikini bottoms are machine washable.

If you have any queries about Period Swimwear or Period Bikini Bottoms, don’t hesitate to

Get in touch with usWe want to help you enjoy the summers & swimming without the worry of any leakage!

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