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Having a Nickeze Period Kit can be a practical and convenient way to manage your period while on the go. Here are several reasons why you should carry a period kit in your handbag/school bag/ sports bag

  1. Emergency Preparedness:

    • Having your Nickeze Period Kit ensures that you're always prepared for unexpected periods. It can be especially useful if your periods are irregular or if you experience unexpected spotting.
  2. Convenience:

    • Your Nickeze Period Kit is convenient for Tteens and women who have busy schedules and may not have easy access to a shop when needed. Having period supplies readily available can save you time and stress.
  3. Support for Others:

    • Having your Nickeze Period Kit can be helpful not only for yourself but also for friends, family members, or colleagues who may unexpectedly find themselves in need. It's a considerate gesture to have extra period supplies on hand to help others in an emergency.
  4. Avoiding Embarrassment:

    • Having your Nickeze Period Kit can help you avoid potential embarrassment or discomfort if your period starts unexpectedly, especially at school, playing a match, in public spaces or during events where access to period supplies might be limited.
  5. Variety of Supplies:

    • Your well-prepared Nickeze Period Kit is designed by a Nurse and mother to girls and includes a wide variety of menstrual hygiene products, such as period underwear, pads, tampons, hand sanitiser, wipes, compressed sponges and towels, eco-friendly compostable disposable bags for tampons/pads or blood stained underwear and many other essential items This allows you to choose the product that you find most comfortable or that suits your needs at any given moment.
  6. Personalized Comfort:

    • By having a variety of menstrual products in your Nickeze kit, you can ensure that you're using items that provide you with the most comfort and meet your specific requirements.
  7. Traveling:

    • Your Nickeze Period Kit is especially useful when traveling, as it may be challenging to find specific menstrual hygiene products in unfamiliar locations or countries. Being prepared can make your travels more comfortable.
  8. Environmental Considerations:

    • When you choose reusable menstrual products like Nickeze Period Pants and the eco-friendly pads and tampons within your kit, having a period kit allows you to stick to your environmentally friendly choices wherever you go.

Remember to periodically check and update your Nickeze Period Kit to ensure that the products haven't expired and that you have an adequate supply for your needs. It's a simple yet effective way to take control of your menstrual health and be prepared for any situation. Refills packs are available.

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