Periods and Disability by Nickeze

Periods and Disability by Nickeze

Hi Guys,

I was just looking at the Plan International Study from the UK and it states that 44.5% of disabled people didn't receive any sex education at school. That came from the Leonard Cheshire Disability Survey,2010.

I wonder why that is? What do we not see when we 'see' people with disability, do we not see them as sexual beings? Do we not think they get periods and have menstrual health challenges? Do we even consult with people with disabilities to ask them what we need to do as a society to make things easier for them? Approximately 7% of children in the UK have disabilities.

I as a Nurse and a mum and I want to change that and plan to utilise Nickeze as a vehicle for change in menstrual health and disability. We can do so much better than we are doing and our teens and women with disabilities deserve so much better!

Love Ellie

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