Who are Nickeze?

Who are Nickeze?

Nickeze is an Irish brand based in Galway, formerly known as Nixxworld 'nixx', and has launched its cutting-edge range of period and bladder leak underwear for teens and women. An environmentally conscious company, Nickeze specialise in period and bladder leak underwear that are 100% reusable, absorbent, leak-proof and stylish.

Nickeze period underwear comes in a variety of colours and are available in heavy and super absorbent styles. Nickeze bladder leak underwear can hold up to 6 tablespoons of liquid without any pad.

The period underwear can be worn without pads or tampons and offers its customers a more sustainable solution to disposable sanitary products, saving them money and being kinder to the environment. It is also launched period swimwear to encourage exercise during periods, especially in teens.

Plan International Ireland, a children’s rights organisation who advances equality for girls, surveyed over 1100 Irish girls, aged 12-19 on period stigma. The research showed that over 61% said they felt embarrassed by their period, 61% have missed school and a staggering 88% felt less able to pay attention during this time.

Commenting on the launch, Nickeze founder Ellie Loftus, a General, Paediatric and Intensive Care Nurse with a Master of Science in Health and a mother to two girls said, ‘I saw first-hand how young girls worried about periods and the fear they had of leaking through their clothes. The available sanitary products just didn’t alleviate those worries. I was also aware of the challenges of bladder leaks after the birth of my children. It’s astonishing to think that over 62% of Irish women suffer from this issue but it is rarely talked about”.

She went on to say that “We cannot underestimate the impact that period anxiety and embarrassment brings to a child or teen. Our Nickeze First Period Box is proving to be big hit in helping to alleviate these feelings. It contains all the items that are needed for a first period and is designed to be kept on the shelf, ready for the big day. Being prepared for the first period impacts positively on how a child perceives and copes with their period going forward.

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